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The Hour of Judgement has come.

2015-11-24 17:12:03 by The-Damned-King

Small post about how I will be rating most of NG material form games to movies, only exception might be Audio as in music section and Art section, not too good with judging music, I am a fraid, but Ill do my best. And Art section will have probably something similar to this rating system, just with few adjustments.

So for some time now I have been thinking about how I should rate things around here, for most part it was plain and simple, just my thoughts on the subject I was rating, but for long time I wanted to make some structure to it, so it might help the author to notice what particular part is wrong or maybe not that well made. And besides that I am a bit of a perfectionist, so I need some structure here. So this is, more or less, how it will work for now on.

My five star rating.
Based on what I personally think is important.

You might see this in your comment and other people comment section as well, but don't get too upset it's just a warm up text of sorts. There will be four categories listed below, as well as, description on how I rate them, keep in mind that "Design" and "Audio" will give you 1.0 star, but "Idea" and "Playability" 1.5 stars, stacking up to "Total" score of 5.0 stars. I hope you get the idea.

[1.0/1.0] - Design 

First one on the list is "Design" or the artistic approach on what is made. I will simply look on how well it's been made, how much work invested in the art it self, how differet it is from other artists and if it has it's own style and most of all, how well it works with the story and if it gives the right feel for it. This will be rated as 1.0 star, because design is a tricky thing to judge.

[1.0/1.0] - Audio

Next up is "Audio" or generally sound it self. I am not too good with audio so I won't be able to go too deep into this subject, but I will rate the best I can. My criterion will, be for most par how it makes me feel and how well it works with the video or game it's in. And I will also rate the quality of the sound. This will be rated as 1.0 star, because audio is not really my field of expertise and I will judge it by how it makes me feel and how it might make other people feel.

[1.5/1.5] - Idea

Idea, essence of everything in my opinion, by this I mean I will look on the story and general idea of the work. I will not only look on the story of the game or movie, but what the author was trying to tell the audience or even if there is no real idea behind it, I guess I will still try to find one and of cousre how appealing and interesting the idea or story is to me and other people. This will be rated as 1.5 stars, because story is the core of everything in my opinion, if you have a solid idea, interesting and unique you might not even need the good sound and art for it.

[1.5/1.5] - Playability / Watchability

Playability, I will rate this on how fun the game was, if there are any bugs that make game unplayable or the other way around, what was the thing that made it so fun to play, and how much others would like to play it, for who it would be best suited. Most of all, how replayable the game is, if I would like to come back to it after some time and why. And some what the same goes to watchability for videos. This will be rated as 1.5 stars, because, well I guess it's another top thing for me, if the game is so addictive and will make you come back for it again and again well then it's perfect. I just think it's an important thing to have.

[5.0/5.0] - Total

And the last on my list is total score, simply summing up all four categories to a total score, and here I will add my personal thoughts on the subject at hand, suggestions and other things that will come in mind.


Well that's about it... so much for small post.


This is my post. There are many like it, but this one is mine.

2015-03-06 17:31:30 by The-Damned-King

This is my post. There are many like it, but this one is mine.

Originaly rifleman's creed, thought it could go well for my first post...well I guess it will do for now.

Aside from that, Hello to everyone on Newgrounds My name is Nicholas. Basically I am a designer,animator, artist and then there are bits and peaces of other things I do. In short terms I did gaduate as designer, but right now it's just a hobby of mine, never went into the designing business. And you might ask why, well for me, most jobs connecting to design led to eather web design - commercial design, and for me that just felt like your working in a factory were you just make things fast and try to make them look as good as possible, and I was not cool with that, but that's what you have to do, but that's just me, someome might be okay with it. So now I prefer be freelancer maybe make less things but at least good things. Anyways this is just small insight of who I am, more details will probably show up in future posts. 

As for why I am on Newgrounds, for me it's always interesting to see what will show up in here the next day, this is very large community of creative and interesting people. And so far I do my best to guide and just try to help some of them, I do criticize a lot so sorry about that, but I try to do my best and point out both good and bad.

About other posts, I might post some art work I have done, that might take some time, becouse I have to scan them in, most are pencil drawings, only some are digital works. Other post like this will probably show up now and then.. I already know that the next one will be "My thoughts on Unity" , but I feel that it will be a short one. And last but not least, there might be a game post... in very distant future, will see. I do have an idea of a game and it's in progress as far as design goes, but there is still lots of work to do, and I am thinking about recruiting some people who might want to help, but time will tell.

Well that's about it, I hope this post was not too long and sorry for any mistakes I made, english is not my first language, but then again feel free to criticize, I don't mind and I will be happy to hear any comments on this. :)

Have nice day at Newgrounds.