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Losing a Pokémon Battle Losing a Pokémon Battle

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Good job, keep up the good work!

Froody's NG Trailer Froody's NG Trailer

Rated 1 / 5 stars

As an animation, it really is bad, unfortunately there is barely any animation in here,
but at least the sound recording is good.

Five Nights At Freddy's 3 Five Nights At Freddy's 3

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Well that was odd, but nicely made animation, but it seemed a bit to short.

sincomai responds:

it was a test for a 5 night series, have to see if my audience approves,not going to waste their time.

Recent Game Reviews

Pong Tron Style Pong Tron Style

Rated 0 / 5 stars

My five star rating.
Based on what I personally think is important.

[0.0/1.0] - Design
Well, in terms of design the first Atari pong game had more lines/dots than you have in your game.
I think you should of at least made some what interesting design, something more unique maybe?

[0.0/1.0] - Audio
There is none to be found, not even the classic hit sounds.

[0.0/1.5] - Idea
Well it's a pong game so there really is not much of an idea in here, but still times have changed and
expectations are higher. If there is a pong game made in these days, then there has to more than
just a pong game.

[0.3/1.5] - Playability
It's playable, but really how long will you play it? Even the first Atari game that was made 1972, I
think had some obstacles at least.

[0.3/5.0] - Total
Unfortunately I have to go for 0.3 or zero, there is no appealing design that would keep some one
interested, no sound what so ever. The idea was fun back at the time, but now, as I said before
times change so does the ladder and expectations.
But truth be told if you can't bring anything new in a pong game and if you can't make anything
better that 43 years old game, well then maybe you should work on the game a bit more, no?
Sorry for the judgment, but good luck in future and good luck on your next project.

CoryB responds:

I appreciate the honesty and criticism. I do understand it's basic but i also made it in under an hour a year ago as practice learning AS3.

I'm working on a more detailed side scrolling RPG/Platformer/Point and Click in Flash, as well as multiple Unity 3D projects. Now that finals are over I will be able to focus more on those and have something better to upload. I hope this basic time killer hasn't turned you off to any of my future projects. :)

(I also accidentally hit useless review, this is not the case. It's good to know the fields on which you rate a game and they seem pretty standard. I will keep them in mind for the future.)

ImpregDef - fairy version ImpregDef - fairy version

Rated 3 / 5 stars

My five star rating.
Based on what I personally think is important.

[0.6/1.0] - Design
Well made for weekends, nice work in overall design and I guess there is more than this to see.
Now I know how tentacle monster insides look like.

[0.4/1.0] - Audio
Well audio is decent, sounds are okay, nothing more nothing less.
I guess you can't really ask for a sound track, for a game like this.

[1.0/1.5] - Idea
Hmm... that's tricky, so far it seems like a simple concept, fairy caught by a monster, but why
would the tentacle monster have micro organisms preventing him from doing his thing? Then
again I guess it's Demo and the story probably is explained in full version, but I think you should
of added some small part of the story, telling at least a bit of what is going on.

[1.2/1.5] - Playability
It could be a good TD game and so far it seems promising, everything seem to work good,
I guess more towers will be added as well as "monsters", though usually tower cost increase
when buying and upgrading in your case however it is decreasing, making the game easy.
Then again.. demo, but just my thoughts.

[3.2/5.0] - Total
As a fan of TD and "Ecchi" games, I am looking forward for upcoming updates and hopefully
a full version, if that on the menu. Anyways good luck and good work.
P.S. I think I have seen this game somewhere a long time a go, how long have you been making it?

exciter1 responds:

hey, thank you for the review. I like critique. I posted the demo also on my hentai-foundry account. And I've been making games for along time. THis game isn't new either, it's just the first time I posted something on newgrounds. Not sure why I haven't done that sooner, because I've been on newgrounds since it's beginning, before it got overran by commercial crap like candycrush. I will post more of my work here now frequently too.

Super Battle City 2 Super Battle City 2

Rated 3 / 5 stars

My five star rating.
Based on what I personally think is important.

[0.5/1.0] - Design
Very nice, I do like it, colorful and bonds well with old school tanks, but then again nothing that would
catch my eye.

[0.7/1.0] - Audio
Nice music, works well with the more or less old school design.

[0.9/1.5] - Idea
It's a nice game and well adapted 1991 "Tank" game, in terms of what's new, it was good idea that
you added some objectives in missions, tank upgrading and all other little add-on's.

[1.0/1.5] - Playability
It's fun to play, but for some time. There isn't too much of a variation in mission even if they do change, it still sticks to you just driving around and kill some tanks, but then again, that is what
the game is all about. I did not finish it till the end, got half way there, but it gets really messy after
some time, when you have loads of upgrades and the battlefield is filled with other tanks and all
sorts of bullets and what not, you can get confused of what is going on there and it can be a bit painful for the player.

[3.1/5.0] - Total
Good work and nice game, reminded me of the good old days when I was playing "Tank" with
my friends. Although it's an good game, there are some flaws, some that I mentioned and some that
I did not, for one there is a bug on level 1-12 and 2-2, the level starts up and will end after a short
period of time, you don't even have to move. This bug renders the upgrading useless, because you
can just grind on that particular level till you are maxed out, as I said before I did not finish it so there might be more bug's like this. Anyway, besides all that, good work.

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grmaster responds:

Thank you. We are looking for the cause of glitches.

Recent Art Reviews

Satanic Teddy Satanic Teddy

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Teddy... that's my boy. Very Nice work for speed paint.

Batgirl! Batgirl!

Rated 4 / 5 stars

She looks like Jill Valentine and bat-girl combined, nice work. Is it pencil or digital?

Cairos responds:

It's all digital.

Blood Beast Blood Beast

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Nice.. carnage, if you know what I mean. Good job. ;)

Ccrawler responds:

Thanks! Yeah, I know what you mean :P